Everything moves

Only the scales and speeds are different.
Even the biggest mountain is in constant flux, our senses are just too hectic to perceive it. And the other way around, we can't see photons move since our senses are way too slow.
Like most things in life, Motion is a gradient and everything and everybody lives on different scales.

I enjoy slower and calmer things mostly, fluid and organic movements, structures you can get lost in, like a ripe grain field in the wind, flowing water or the ocean.

3D Software of course has always been great for animations and recently, the advent of really powerful graphics cards allows for amazing things to render very quickly or even run in realtime.
Even more crazy for somebody like me who started with the mosaic browser is to see a tool like Cables that's based on webGL and runs realtime motion graphics - in a browser...

Currently I work mostly with "VVVV" and "FUSE", extremely flexible realtime software with fantastic possibilities.


Generative, organic animation created in SideFX Houdini