So you want 
to be a Poet?


Can you coil yourself around words like a snake making love?

Do you get sick reading legal text from the transfer-pain of imprisoned words?

Do you read thousands of meanings where others read one?

Do you have to laugh in the most serious situations?

Do you start to cry when something moves you, no matter what others may think?

Do you think "no pun intended" to be a waste of words at play?

Is your heart open to the world, laughing and bleeding at the same time?

Do you love humanity so much their antics drive you mad?

Is trying to understand your deepest longing?

Then go for it.

Be bold, be italic, be frank, be ruth, be right, be left, be bee. 

Be what others are not:

Be you.

Copyright: Thomas Maria Helzle 2016


Generative book design in SideFX Houdini, rendered in Redshift