Organic Design

Flowing Forms

Sculptures, product design, graphics and illustrations.

For 25+ years I'm working in many areas of Design and feel just as at home with a block of wood as in SideFX Houdini with it's procedural workflow as in the versatile CAD application Rhino.

Depending on the project, 3D-printing, motion-graphics (realtime or rendered), photography, programming, sounddesign and writing join the fun.

I look forward to your ideas! :-)

Visit my new Sculpting website: Thomas Maria Helzle - Sculptor

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P.S. In case you wonder: My gallery contains few commercial projects since I got mostly booked under NDA for many years...


Layered Glass-Spiral in Rhino and Thea Render

Dragon Kicker Figure designed in Rhino und Octane Render

Wound Torroid in Softimage XSI, Blender and Cycles

Wiresculpture in Houdini and Redshift

Spiralsculpture in Lightwave

Generative Coral in SideFX Houdini and Redshift

Stylised Tree in Houdini and Redshift