Uhbik RE

For the maker of great audio plugins "u-he" alias "Urs Heckmann Audio GmbH" I worked on the design, 3D modelling, texturing, shading and scripting of the graphical user interfaces for the "Uhbik" Reason Rack Extensions (no longer available sadly), a bundle of 9 audio effects previously available as VST, AU and RTAS plugins.

While the basic layout and design of the fronts was already partly defined and mainly needed fine-tuning, 3D-modelling and scripting when I joined the team, the backsides (important for patching) weren't.

Urs Heckmann had the idea, instead of showing fake-tubes through the fake-grill on the fake-backside as is seen so often in virtual instruments and effects, to have some of the real Uhbik-A code glowing in there in a kind of tongue-in-cheek reference to what these plugins are actually made of... ;-)

In this vein, I designed a specific back panel for each Rack Extension. Some are related to what the unit does while others are free associations on the "U(h)bik" and street-art theme.

And always remember:

"Uhbik, if used as directed, is absolutely safe!"


A while later I worked with u-he again, this time I modelled, shaded, textured and rendered a huge image of the GUI-in-progress of the fully modular VSTi synthesizer plugin "Bazille" for the side wall of the u-he booth at Musikmesse 2013. Render-size was a solid 20432 x 14526 pixels for 150 dpi printing!
I also went along to Musikmesse as official u-he booth-photographer.

I also had a part in the GUI design itself, especially in optimising the layout and making it more intuitive and "grok-able" for the user by implementing a visual "signal flow" and making the relation between GUI elements more obvious.
Most of what you see on this rendering is my doing, the final GUI of the plugin looks different though and was the work of u-hes brilliant in-house GUI designers maintaining some of my early concepts.


u-he Bazille Rendering

u-he Uhbik RackExtensions Front

u-he Uhbik RackExtensions Back