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I'm an artist and designer, working in 3D-Graphics, Photography, Sounddesign, Writing and Coding with 20+ years of experience.

  • I especially love generative and procedural designs and semi-organic development of forms with subdivision surfaces.
  • I offer high-end rendering, from stylised to photo-real.
  • Illustration and visualisation from abstract to concrete.
  • Photography with a special focus on macro and details.
  • Sounddesign, abstract scoring, surround sound installations and environments.
  • Scripting and coding in different languages and node-systems.
  • Writing of tutorials, documentation as well as stories and poetry.
  • Concepts, brainstorms, form- and idea-finding...
  • Art-direction and project support.

My core focus lies between the Abstract and the Concrete, the Natural and the Artificial, the Realistic and the Stylised - at those boundaries, the really interesting stuff happens for me.

In the past I worked for many major ad- and design agencies, leading car manufacturers, cosmetics, medical and pharma companies, IT-, telecommunications- and software corporations, major banks, engineering and metalworks factories, architects for buildings and exhibition design, movie and animation studios, artists, book publishing houses, hotels and many others.

You will not find a lot of commercial examples on my homepage though, since for many years now it became the norm that one has to sign a NDA when working for larger companies or agencies.
So I'll mostly show you my personal work.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay and I’m looking forward to work with you!

Thomas Helzle


Latest artwork and explorations:
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