<p>She was a very nice woman, friendly and gentle, never wanted to harm anybody. <br />She only wanted to protect her vineyard from vermin by hanging up all those sheets of bright yellow flypaper, but it turned out differently. <br />The vermin didn't care the least, instead she slaughtered beauty ...</p> <p>Looking at the pale beauty of the rose petals made him think of her and her rosy porcelain cheeks. <br />She was a wonder of beauty and perfection but like this rose in bloom she would come to an end, would crumble and fade, once more united with the universe, stardust again ...</p> <p>The Seed had been lying hidden for ages. <br />But now that it had been unearthed by an accident, it immediately started to sink its first root into the soil, thirstily drinking in nutrients and fluids, starting all the processes that would in their final consequence lead to another planet conquered ...</p> <p>The remains of the blue balloon from his birthday party were swimming idly in the lake. <br />Last year he had turned 5. <br />He now was a man. <br />No more time for balloons ...</p> <p>The bright orange and yellow shred of cloth was all they ever found of her. <br /> She never left her doll behind. She had driven her parents up the wall with her insistence upon never going anywhere without her beloved toy and she was absolutely sure that the puppet was alive and talking back to her.<br />She would never have left her doll behind ...</p> <p>The old wire fence was as worn as he felt. <br /> The house it once was supposed to secure was just as old and shabby.<br />But after what he was about to do today, things would change forever and the old fence would be the last of his worries ...</p> <p>It didn't look impressive at all. <br />In fact, he would not have wasted a second look at this lock if he would have been in his normal state of mind. But after the hours of intensive exercise, he felt a sensitivity that was new to him.<br />This had to be the door he had been told about ...</p> <p>The old brass had been polished and polished over and over again. <br />He was able to see the remains of the polish the caretaker had used in the holes, it's white pigment reflecting todays blue sky.<br />He just had to press the button to ring the bell - why did this seem to be so hard to do?</p> <p>The train stood on a track that was never used. Never. <br />He was working at this station for over 40 years now, but not once had a train used this track.<br />There was only that one pale light on the last cars rear, slightly pulsating. He would have to investigate - too bad Jerry wasn't here tonight, he always came up with clever ideas ...</p> <p>This was the last one. <br />After the GDR had come to an end, the wall had become history, the old companies had been sold to new investors his lifelong work, his art, had no longer been in high regard.<br />Then the EU came up with the idea that bulbs are evil and commanded that only the newfangled energy saving stuff would enlighten the european union from now on. Well, they got what they deserved. <br />This was the last one ever.</p> <p>The Fence had become the symbol of this struggle. <br /> The spell was much stronger than what he himself was able to do, but the fence still was vulnerable to what time did to him, so one day it would fall over on it's own.<br />And that day would be the day of days ...</p> <p>A Harley in Winter was the most useless thing in the universe. <br />This beast was made to cruise the highways of california, to let you feel the wind blow through your long hair, wearing boots, jeans and a tshirt. <br /> Snow on a Harley - What the F... are you supposed to do with that</p> <p>Under the paint was metal.<br />It peeled of more and more with each year that went by.<br />His fingernails helped in the process...</p> <p>What was he doing in Reykjavik of all places! This village pretending to be a capital, where the hot water tasted like a drink from hell, where the people thought hot-dogs to be haute cousine and everybody had been a fisherman 50 years ago.<br /> Every time he went by this graffiti he promised that it would be the last time.<br />But there was still one last thing to do...</p> <p>He knew exactly what would lie on the other side. <br /> Hardly a day had passed in the last 600 years when he didn't imagine in the brightest colors what was there.<br />But now that he finally was about to get there, it somehow was an anticlimax ...</p> <p>He would remember her forever. <br />Never had he met somebody like her before. <br />Never. <br />A sharper beak had never been seen, a more powerful talon had never clawed the lesser birds. <br />She had been one of a kind, but now only some small feathers remained of her ...</p>